Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the Professional Diploma programmes for?
A: The professional diplomas are to recognise expertise in people who are already working in the creative arts industries. They provide recognition for high level achievement in either performance, teaching, or creative enterprise.
Q: How do I join the Diploma programme?
A: Visit our online entry section and complete your entry online.
How much do the Diplomas cost?
A: The price of a Diploma varies depending on which level the candidate is taking. View all fees.
Are there any entry requirements?
A: There are no entry requirements for these qualifications. However, candidates should be aware that there will be an expectation of technical knowledge and understanding covered in previous qualifications.

Applicants for the Teaching pathway must be 18 years of age or older at the time of certification, and must send a scanned copy of their birth certificate/passport/other proof of date of birth with their entry. Applicants under 18 years of age choosing the Performance or Creative Enterprise pathways may choose elective units from the teaching pathway.

It is recommended that candidates have some experience of teaching theory and practice prior to taking units with a teaching and learning focus as these units will require evidence of the candidate’s teaching practice.
How do I submit my portfolio of evidence?
A: The bespoke digital system developed by RSL Awards for this qualification will put the submission of work in the hands of the candidates. Each user will be able to upload the submissions for units and see their progress against key milestones.
Are there any provisions for candidates with special educational needs and disabilities?
A: Yes. All assessments are designed for candidates to complete the required standards in the ways that suit their individual learning styles. Candidates can tell us any specific adjustments needed by emailing us at regarding special considerations and we will do everything we can to make the qualification as accessible as possible. View all of our Policies and Regulations relating to this area.
Do I need a Level 4 Professional Diploma to take a Level 6 Professional Diploma?
A: No, but the qualifications are designed to progress from level 4 to 6, meaning that it may be more suitable to undertake level 4 before moving onto level 6.
What equipment do I need to take the Professional Diplomas?
A: This depends on your choice of pathway and optional units. Please look at the content of the assessment in order to understand the specific requirements for each unit.
I'm based outside of the UK, can I take a Professional Diploma?
A: Yes, all assessment is based around submission of evidence to our bespoke online entry system. This can be accessed anywhere in the world.
What prior learning do I need to take a Professional Diploma?
A: Learners are not required to have any prior learning for these qualifications. However, learners should ensure that they are aware of the requirements and expectations of the qualifications before entering for an assessment.
Can I re-take an assessment if I fail or want to improve my grade?
A: Yes. Units can be reassessed either in their entirety or for an individual learning outcome at a fee. This is limited to one resubmission only, see Fees and Dates section for details.
Can I submit assessment material in languages other than English?
A: Level 4 and 6 Professional Diplomas are regulated qualification assessed in English. Submission in other languages should be translated in accordance with Policies and Regulations
Can I reference laws, customs and audience expectations outside of the UK within my submission?
A: Yes, however these qualifications were designed by experts in the UK so any information regarding other territories should be referenced within the submission and support documentation provided.
If I’m unhappy with my grade for a unit, what can I do?
A: There are two options:
(i) If you are unhappy with the assessment decision that has been made (ie. you think it is incorrect), then you can go through our Enquiry About Results service. The policy, application form and contact information can be found here. This can include a remark and a two-stage appeal. The fees can be found here. For re-marks of individual units, the 50% fee will be applied proportionately to the number and size of the units being re-marked.
(ii) If you want to rework your original submission further to the feedback received from your examiner and then resubmit it, please email with ‘Resit’ as a subject line and specify the unit(s) you wish to resubmit. The fees for that are here.
Do I need to approve the repertoire I want to use in my submission?
A: All repertoire should be agreed at least 6 weeks in advance of the submission of the video with RSL. Chosen repertoire will be checked to ensure that it is comparable to the standard of the indicative repertoire lists and approval will be given once this check is complete.

You must submit complete programmes and may send in only one complete programme for approval at any time. We are unable to consider approval of individual pieces. RSL will aim to approve programmes within 15 working days. If RSL is unable to approve programmes within this time you will be notified accordingly.

If the proposed repertoire is agreed, RSL will issue a permission statement, which will remain valid for six months. You should submit the evidence for this unit within this timescale.

If the proposed repertoire is not agreed, RSL will contact the learner by email. The learner should then change piece(s) as necessary and re-submit the whole programme (or replace the whole programme with pieces from the relevant repertoire list).

In approving programme proposals, we do not consider either timing or balance. The approval is simply in terms of technical and musical difficulty, and it is the learner’s responsibility to design an appropriate and balanced programme that complies with the stipulated timings.

RSL cannot accept responsibility if you submit evidence for this unit before requesting approval for your programme. RSL’s decision on approval of any item or programme is final.