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RSL's Professional Diplomas are a clear progression from the graded examinations progressive mastery framework. It provides opportunities for learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of specialist areas such as teaching or working in the creative industries.

Professional Diploma Level 6

Level 6 is typically for experienced professionals looking to enhance their career through the recognition of their current professional practice. At Level 6, pathways include Teaching, Performance and Creative Enterprise.

Key Features at Level 6

  • Flexible progression routes through the choice of optional units
  • Remote Working means fitting this course around your engagements
  • Play to your strengths and choose your own repertoire

How is the Qualification Structured?

At Level 6, learners are given the choice of three pathway options. Each pathway has its own core units, and a choice of one optional unit.

Choose from one of the following pathways

1. Teaching

The learning process is at the heart of teaching, as well as the ability to plan and facilitate this. In the creative arts, teachers need to consider how to create inspiring and motivating lessons which will engage and encourage students, whilst also delivering to students from a wide range of backgrounds and diversities.

The Teaching pathway consists of three core units.

  • Understanding Learning
  • Planning, Facilitating and Evaluating Learning
  • Inclusive Learning


2. Performance

The aim of this pathway is to further develop advanced technical skills beyond the standard required for Grade 8/Advanced Foundation and present these through practical performances, and the ability to evaluate and analyse the influences on their personal style.

The Performance pathway consists of two core units.

  • Advanced Repertoire and Technical Skills (Double)
  • Artist Analysis


3. Creative Enterprise

The creative industries can be a challenging place to find work. As such, this pathway focuses on the ways in which you can market and 'sell' your brand within the creative industries as well as learn how to plan and execute a performing arts production as part of a collaboration.

The Creative Enterprise pathway consists of three core units.

  • Collaborative Production
  • Marketing Yourself as a Creative Professional
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Assessment Methodology

The Level 6 Professional Diploma is assessed remotely and assessment evidence must be submitted digitally. Learners can submit assessment evidence for single units or for the entire Diploma. A full Level 6 Professional Diploma requires assessment evidence to be submitted for four units (three for the Performance pathway).


The Diploma qualifications are designed to allow opportunities for flexible progression routes through the choice of optional units which will allow learners to tailor qualifications to meet their own specific needs for either working within the creative industries or for further progression to further training or education.

Expectations of Knowledge, Skills & Understanding

The Level 6 Professional Diploma will contain assessment outcomes benchmarked against the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in the UK. Learners will need to ensure that they can access the appropriate training or learning opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding required for this level.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for these qualifications. However, candidates should be aware that there will be an expectation of technical knowledge and understanding covered in previous qualifications.

Applicants for the Teaching pathway must be 18 years of age or older at the time of certification, and must send a scanned copy of their birth certificate/passport/other proof of date of birth with their entry.
It is recommended that applicants for the Performance and Creative Enterprise pathways are 18 years of age or older and that candidates under this age contact RSL Awards prior to registering.

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RSL Awards Professional Diploma : Teaching (Level 6)

RSL Awards Professional Diploma : Creative Enterprise (Level 6)

RSL Awards Professional Diploma : Performance (Level 6)