Ernesto Martín López


Teaching Bass, Electric Guitar, Music Production and Music Theory in Boadilla del Monte, Spain Madrid

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Ernesto, has been teaching the Rockschool syllabus since 2011 and currently teaches all grades for Bass, Electric Guitar, Music Production and Music Theory.

Instruments Taught

  • Bass
  • Electric Guitar
  • Music Production
  • Music Theory

Taught Other Language

  • Not Specified


  • Ernesto has not been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked
  • Ernesto does not have public liability insurance


  • jazz Harmony II excelent at CSMN in Spain (2014)
  • jazz Harmony I excelent at CSMN in Spain (2013)
  • Electric bass in Jazz performance at CSMN in Spain (2013)

Ernesto's Fees

Fees by duration in minutes.
Area Duration Fee (Euro)
Graded Music Exam 30 min €20.00
Graded Music Exam 45 min €30.00
Graded Music Exam 60 min €40.00

Yes, Remote

Ernesto's Contact Details

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Additional Information About Ernesto

My training as a bass teacher has been varied but very extensive. I started taking lessons with a teacher who was a guitarist and he destroyed me, because he taught me wrong the basic technique of the bass and years later I had to rectify it, it cost me a lot, but I overcame it.

Maybe that's why I put so much emphasis on technique for beginners, if you've seen my YouTube videos, you'll notice that I explain technique in the most detailed way possible. It is important to start from scratch right.

It was a second teacher I had, Alex Garcia, who was a double bass player and bassist, who made me see the deficiencies I had in technique. I spent two years taking lessons with him and then I continued my training on my own, in terms of technique.

At the same time, I was playing in different bands of different styles, I started with rock and punk and then I got into funk bands, reggae, Latin music, blues, rumbas and flamenco.

With all this, I was enriching myself playing the different styles and genres, I learned the Slap technique by buying methods and watching videos of Funky bass players.
I learned to read with the bass, rhythm and notes, and then I started with harmony...but I was lost...I didn't understand it.

I joined a dance orchestra and worked a lot playing in different towns in Spain, nowadays regetón is popular but at that time we played a lot of rock and everything live.

Then, I met what I consider my first teacher, Felix Santos, a Jazz Guitarist who was trained at Berklee College of Music. From him I learned the harmony of Berklee and also things from his own school, Ateneo Jazz Madrid, since he has been a teacher of teachers.

After that, harmony made me fly and I started with music composition, apart from the bass, I also wanted to play other instruments and experiment with music production.

I set up my own musical project, Flores en el Ártico, where I produced and composed all the songs of our first CD and the successive ones.

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