Purdey Nurse

Teaching Vocals in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

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Purdey, has been teaching the Rockschool syllabus since 2016 and currently teaches all grades for Vocals.

Instruments Taught

  • Vocals

Online Lessons

  • Yes


  • Purdey says they were DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked on 20 May 2020
  • Purdey says they have public liability insurance


  • 2:1 BAHons Professional Musicianship: Vocals (2017)
  • Distinction: Performing musician Diploma (2015)
  • D* Musical Theatre (2014)
  • Music & Drama GCSE’S (2013)
  • RSL Grade 6 Vocals (2013)

Purdey's Fees

Fees by duration in minutes.

Duration Fee (Pound Sterling)
60 min £30.00

Purdey's Contact Details

Purdey has listed their teaching address as a business address.

Additional Information About Purdey

These sessions help students to develop and enhance skills in contemporary singing. You will learn how to discover various vocal techniques and attributes such as; breath support, vibrato, melisma’s, larynx control and much more. The sessions will also offer great support in performance techniques; looking at how you can capture an audience, cope with nerves and anxieties and finding true mindfulness on stage. Vocal coaching can be for anyone; be it looking to improve technique as you sing in a band, in a theatre show, wanting to take vocal grades or simply to sing better at a karaoke, sing with more ease when in the comfort of your own home.
Overall, expect to find lots of performing opportunities, recording studio experience days, performance and songwriting retreats - and a potential to obtain, a well-deserved singing qualification (optional).

Throughout my sessions, a successful student will be able to:
- Utilise key methods and techniques within singing.
- Discover various performance strategies to ‘hold’ an audience.
- Be able to give and receive constructive feedback.
- Critically self-reflect on performances and development.

Over 100+ vocal warmups and development exercises to practice in the studio/online and in the comfort of your own home!

Things to Check Before Choosing

  • Do they seem reliable?
  • Are their teaching fees expensive?
  • What qualifications do they have?
  • Does their social media and web address match their profile information?