Learning Platform E-books

Get the most out of the music you love to play and help prepare for your Rockschool or RSL Classical graded music exam.

The Learning Platform E-books include an interactive sheet music player that syncs notes with an audio backing track. Thanks to MatchMySound’s real-time audio feedback tool, you can get instantaneous feedback on your performance. While you're playing along, you can adjust tempos, loop bars and switch between backing and performance tracks. It's the perfect practise tool.

The Learning Platform E-books include the complete contents of all available Rockschool and RSL Classical publications. This digital resource will revolutionise the way students’ practice, and allow them to learn music in the most accessible way possible.

Learning Platform E-book Features

Our next generation e-books come complete with some amazing features designed to give you absolute freedom and control over your practice. These digital tools will help take your practice to the next level.


A digital edition of your music to read on any device

Enhanced Audio

Backing and guide tracks that you can stream straight from your device

Tempo Change

Speed up and slow down the tracks to practice difficult sections of music

Practice Makes Perfect

Receive automated feedback on pitch, rhythm, and tempo, and beat your high score!

Full Access

No matter where you are when inspiration strikes, access the tool from any device.

Exam Preparation

The e-book includes the full features of the publications, including performance notes and all the technical exercises.

Who are the E-books For?

Whether you're a beginner or an expert – Replay is the perfect tool to enjoy playing on any instrument.

Available Downloads

You can use the e-books with all Rockschool and RSL Classical graded music titles (excluding Music Production, Music Theory and Method Books):


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