Drums Grade 5

As you prepare for your grade exam, you'll need the supporting info in the Drums Grade 5 book for the lowdown on four-way coordination, Texas shuffle rhythm, and cross-stick technique

What you'll learn at Grade 5

  • Snare drum techniques: cross stick, rim shot, Texas shuffle, four-way coordination
  • Single and double strokes, paradiddles, flams and ruffs, rolls, hands and feet patterns
  • Playback and performance skills

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Complete Digital Book + Replay PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files, Supporting Tests and Replay (Interactive Sheet Music Player) £16.99 Add to Cart
Complete Digital Book (US) PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £14.99 Add to Cart
4:44 Track 1 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Don't Let Go Track 2 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Window Seat Track 3 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Hard To Handle Track 4 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Chuck E's In Love Track 5 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Hold The Line Track 6 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Geek Track 7 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Rollin' Track 8 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Do Balanço Track 9 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Tiberius Track 10 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Smack Talk Track 11 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Slam Dunk Funk Track 12 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Supporting Tests Tests and Audio Files £4.49 Add to Cart

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Drums Grade 5 features:

  • 6 new arrangements of iconic rock, pop, and contemporary music tracks from classic and contemporary artists & 6 Rockschool Originals
  • The most diverse selection of contemporary music ever seen in a syllabus making the Grades accessible to everyone without precluding any musical tastes
  • Fact Files: band and artist background information with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online
  • All the essential music theory and technique you need to pass your exams
  • Jay-Z - 4:44
  • En Vogue - Don't Let Go
  • Erykah Badu - Window Seat
  • Otis Redding - Hard to Handle
  • Ricky Lee Jones - Chuck E's In Love
  • Toto - Hold the Line
  • 6 Rockschool Originals
Pages 5-8
4:44 - All references to rimshots have been removed from the walkthrough on page 8. (Updated 10 December 2020)

Pages 11-16
Rollin' - The dynamic marking "mf" has been added to bar 1 (p.12). (Updated 15 February 2013)
Pages 17-20
Do Balanço - The dynamic marking "mf" has been added to bar 1 (p.18). (Updated 15 February 2013)
Pages 21-24
Tiberius - Bar 33 (p.23) should be marked "Double time feel". (Updated 15 February 2013)
Page 35
Technical Exerecises – Group F: Fill - The text "patterns (A–D) shown in Group D" should read "patterns (A–D) shown in Group E". (Updated 15 February 2013)
Pages 21-24
Tiberius - Bar 64 (p.23) has been updated to correct the fill. See file: RSK051224_Drums_G5_p23_26Apr2016.pdf in the _Errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 26 April 2016)
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