Drums Grade 2

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Your Drums Grade 2 book will help you master the new techniques introduced in the grade, including paradiddles, flams, triplets and more

What you'll learn at Grade 2

  • 8th note triplets, four-way coordination, syncopation
  • Single and double strokes, paradiddles, flams, triplets
  • Playback and performance skills

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Complete Digital Book + Replay PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files, Supporting Tests and Replay (Interactive Sheet Music Player) £16.99 Add to Cart
Complete Digital Book (US) PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £14.99 Add to Cart
Losing My Religion Track 1 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
I Heard It Through The Grapevine Track 2 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Passionfruit Track 3 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Maggie May Track 4 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Georgia On My Mind Track 5 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Relegation Riddim Track 6 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Bleach Track 7 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Dora And Bootsy Track 8 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Cuba Mama Track 9 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
For You Track 10 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Slipstream Track 11 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Y'All Track 12 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Supporting Tests Tests and Audio Files £4.49 Add to Cart

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Drums Grade 2 features:

  • 6 new arrangements of iconic rock, pop, and contemporary music tracks from classic and contemporary artists & 6 Rockschool Originals
  • The most diverse selection of contemporary music ever seen in a syllabus making the Grades accessible to everyone without precluding any musical tastes
  • Fact Files: band and artist background information with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online
  • All the essential music theory and technique you need to pass your exams
  • REM - Losing My Religion
  • Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • Drake - Passionfruit
  • Rod Stewart - Maggie May
  • Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
  • Bugzy Malone - Relegation Riddim
  • 6 Rockschool Originals

There is no errata for this book.

Page 31
Technical Exercises – Group E: Fill - The reference to a triplet rhythm has been removed. (Updated 19 November 2012)
Page 31
Technical Exercises – Group E: Fill - The tempo of the fill has been corrected to 70 BPM. (Updated 22 April 2013)

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