Guitar Grade 5

5.00 out of 5

The Guitar Grade 5 book will prepare you for improvisation, chord inversions, dual-octave arpeggios and more - it focuses in-depth on everything you need to know to pass your Grade 5 exam.

What you'll learn at Grade 5

  • Natural harmonics, playing over changes
  • Major and Natural Minor, Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, Blues scales, all in two positions
  • Major and Minor arpeggios over two octaves. Chords in three inversions
  • Playback and performance skills

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The digital download includes the book (PDF format), all tracks and supporting tests. The digital download + E-Book Access additionally includes the access to the E-Book Interactive content. Hardcopy books can currently only be shipped to the UK. Learn more about your purchasing options.

We have published 2 versions of this edition; one version is more USA centric with some American English terms and background information referring billboard chart success rather than the UK charts. Please note that both versions of the book have everything you need for an exam and are both valid editions for when you enter for the assessment.

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* Includes digital versions of the audio, notation and fact files. Learn more.

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People Say Track 3 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Pick Up The Pieces Track 4 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Lay Down Sally Track 5 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be Track 6 of 12 £3.99 Add to Cart
Geek Track 7 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Rollin' Track 8 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
Do Balanço Track 9 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
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Smack Talk Track 11 of 12 £2.29 Add to Cart
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Change Currency

Guitar Grade 5 features:

  • 6 new arrangements of iconic rock, pop, and contemporary music tracks from classic and contemporary artists & 6 Rockschool Originals
  • The most diverse selection of contemporary music ever seen in a syllabus making the Grades accessible to everyone without precluding any musical tastes
  • Fact Files: band and artist background information with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online
  • All the essential music theory and technique you need to pass your exams
  • Eminem - Lose Yourself
  • Beyoncé - Love On Top
  • The Meters - People Say
  • Average White Band - Pick Up the Pieces
  • Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally
  • AC/DC - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  • 6 Rockschool Originals
Pages 33–38
Geek - The factfile (p.33) has been corrected to show the piece is in the key of E minor.
Pages 27–32
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be - The first time repeat ending in the coda section (p.31) has been extended to cover bars 53 and 54.
Pages 18-19
Pick Up the Pieces - The backing track audio has been amended so that the solo is removed. (Updated 28 May 2019)
Pages 6-7
Lose Yourself (Live) - The backing track audio has been amended so that none of the assessed parts are included. (Updated 24 April 2019)
Pages 27-32
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be - The backing track audio has been amended so that the assessed-part solo is removed. (Updated 4 April 2019)
Pages 5-8
Lose Yourself (Live) - The repeat opening and closing signs around bars 10–13 have been removed. (Updated 22 October 2018)

Pages 5-10
Geek - The indication "Play 3 times" has been added to the end of Bar 38 (p.8) to show the number of times the repeat structure encompassing bars 35 to 39 should be played. (Updated 25 September 2013)
Pages 17-22
Do Balanço - The slide notation on the first eighth-note of beat 3 in bar 2 has been removed. (Updated 25 September 2013)

Pages 21–26
Lay Down Sally - The instruction to "Chicken Pick" in bars 32 and 40 has been changed to palm muting.(Updated 10th May 2022)

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  • By Mr. A. Hume on 30 April 2019
    5.00 out of 5

    All of rock schools graded books are excellent I started playing guitar and bought debut book from rockstar mastered this book and moved on to grade 1 and so on and so on now I am on grade 5 without any lessons from instructor I’m not a perfect guitarist by any means but each book seems to have lessons on techniques built into the pieces which help you progress in quite a structured way awesome books for anybody interested in learning music they also contain scales chords and arpeggios which you must not skip past Otherwise you will miss valuable lessons five stars excellent

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