Classical Piano Debut

The essential syllabus for the aspiring pianist. RSL Classical Piano Debut will provide you with everything you need for your Debut exam, including a diverse range of repertoire, a truly innovative range of supporting tests and a vast array of professionally recorded backing tracks and audio examples.

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The digital version includes the book (PDF format), all tracks and supporting tests The digital version + Replay additionally includes the Replay interactive sheet music player. Learn more about your purchasing options.

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Complete Digital Book + Replay PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files, Supporting Tests and Replay (Interactive Sheet Music Player) £12.74 Add to Cart
La Valse D'Amelie Track 1 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Una Mattina Track 2 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Martian's March Track 3 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Celebration Track 4 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Swing Low Sweet Chariot Track 5 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Andante Verde Track 6 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Vignette No. 1 Track 7 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Play (Allegretto) Track 8 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Sandcastle Track 9 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Clair De Lune Track 10 of 10 £3.39 Add to Cart
Supporting Tests Tests and Audio Files £3.82 Add to Cart

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Classical Piano Debut Features:

  • Ten benchmarked arrangements covering a range of classical styles
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online
  • Fact Files: composer background information
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance for each arrangement


  • Technical Exercises
  • Ear Tests
  • General Musicianship Questions
  • Yan Tiersen - 'La Valse d’Amélie'
  • Zenobia Powell Perry - 'Vignette No.1.'
  • Béla Bartók - 'Play’ (Allegretto)'
  • Ludovico Einaudi - 'Una Mattina'
  • Elvina Pearce - 'Sandcastle'
  • Pauline Hall - 'Martian's March'
  • Wallace Willis - 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'
  • Helen Madden - 'Andante Verde'
  • Claude Debussy - 'Clair de Lune'
  • Celebration - 'Melanie Spanswick'

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