Piano Grade 7

The essential syllabus for the aspiring, contemporary pianist. Piano Grade 7 will provide you with everything you need for your Grade 7 exam, including a diverse range of repertoire, a truly innovative range of supporting tests and a vast array of professionally recorded backing tracks and audio examples.

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The digital download includes the book (PDF format), all tracks and supporting tests. The digital download + E-Book Access additionally includes the access to the E-Book Interactive content. Hardcopy books can currently only be shipped to the UK. Learn more about your purchasing options.

We have published 2 versions of this edition; one version is more USA centric with some American English terms and background information referring billboard chart success rather than the UK charts. Please note that both versions of the book have everything you need for an exam and are both valid editions for when you enter for the assessment.

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* Includes digital versions of the audio, notation and fact files. Learn more.

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Piano Grade 7 | Hardcopy (UK Only) £20.99 Add to Cart
Complete Digital Book (US) PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £16.99 Add to Cart
Rosanna Track 1 of 6 £3.99 Add to Cart
Live And Let Die Track 2 of 6 £3.99 Add to Cart
A Song For You Track 3 of 6 £3.99 Add to Cart
Schindlers List (Theme) Track 4 of 6 £3.99 Add to Cart
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I Got The News Track 6 of 6 £3.99 Add to Cart
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Piano Grade 7 features:

  • Songs from Rock and Pop, Jazz, Blues and Soul, Film and Musical Theatre
  • Professional backing tracks for pieces and supporting tests
  • Downloadable audio
  • Fact files


  • Ear Tests
  • Technical Exercises
  • Sight Reading Examples
  • Improvisation and Interpretation Examples
  • General Musicianship Questions
  • Toto - 'Rosanna'
  • Steely Dan - 'I Got The News'
  • Tori Amos - 'Cornflake Girl'
  • Ray Charles - 'A song For You'
  • John Williams - 'Theme From Schindler’s List'
  • Paul McCartney and Wings - 'Live And Let Die'

There is no errata for this book.

Pages 41-45
Times Square - Bars 16-48 (pp.42–44): Left hand part transposed down an octave. See file: RSK200008_Piano_G7_TimesSquare_15Oct2015.pdf in the _errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 15 October 2015)
How do I download the updated audio?
Pages 56-57
Stylistic Study - Film - Example 1 - Score updated to match the audio. See file: RSK200008_Piano_G7_SS-Film_15Oct2015.pdf in the _errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 15 October 2015)
How do I download the updated audio?