Piano Grade 3

The essential syllabus for the aspiring, contemporary pianist. Piano Grade 3 will provide you with everything you need for your Grade 3 exam, including a diverse range of repertoire, a truly innovative range of supporting tests and a vast array of professionally recorded backing tracks and audio examples.

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The digital download includes the book (PDF format), all tracks and supporting tests. The digital download + E-Book Access additionally includes the access to the E-Book Interactive content. Hardcopy books can currently only be shipped to the UK. Learn more about your purchasing options.

We have published 2 versions of this edition; one version is more USA centric with some American English terms and background information referring billboard chart success rather than the UK charts. Please note that both versions of the book have everything you need for an exam and are both valid editions for when you enter for the assessment.

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* Includes digital versions of the audio, notation and fact files. Learn more.

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Piano Grade 3 features:

  • Songs from Rock and Pop, Jazz, Blues and Soul, Film and Musical Theatre
  • Professional backing tracks for pieces and supporting tests
  • Downloadable audio
  • Fact files


  • Ear Tests
  • Technical Exercises
  • Sight Reading Examples
  • Improvisation and Interpretation Examples
  • General Musicianship Questions
  • Coldplay - 'Paradise'
  • Nora Jones - 'Don’t Know Why'
  • Brad Kane and Lea Salonga - 'A Whole New World'
  • Rihanna - 'Unfaithful'
  • Adele - 'Skyfall'
  • Keane - 'Somewhere Only We Know'
Pages 44
Improvisation & Interpretation (p.44) - The text has been updated to reflect that the test is a 4–8 bar chord progression. (Updated 18 Jul 2022)

Pages 38–42
Technical Exercises - At the top of page 38, the text of the third bullet point has been updated to "The chromatic scale on A needs to be played hands separately". (Updated 11 Aug 2020)
Pages 38-42
Technical Exercises - The following sentence has been added to the start of the second paragraph on page 38: "Candidates can choose to play either natural minor or harmonic minor scales." (Updated 21 May 2019)

Pages 13-18
Skyfall - Bars 34–37 (p.16): Right hand part edited and chord symbols added. See file: RSK200004_Piano_G3_p16_13Oct2015.pdf in the _errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 13 October 2015)
How do I download the updated audio?
Pages 27-30
Rasta Monkey - Bar 59 (p.30): The B natural notes in the RH have been corrected to Bb. (Updated 13 October 2015)
Pages 7-11
Unfaithful - The left hand part in bars 21 to 23 (p.9) has been updated. See file: RSK200004_Piano_G3_p9_16May2016.pdf in the _errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 16 May 2016)
How do I download the updated audio?
Pages 7-11
Unfaithful - The second note played in the left hand of bar 40 (p.11) has been changed from Bb to C. (Updated 27 June 2016)
Pages 19-22
(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - The lowest note in the left hand on beat 3 of bar 23 (p.22) has been corrected to B flat in the notation. (Updated 2 November 2017)