Ukulele Grade 8

The essential syllabus for the aspiring, contemporary Ukulele players. This book will provide you with everything you need for your Ukulele Grade 8 exam, including a diverse range of repertoire, a truly innovative range of supporting tests and a vast array of professionally recorded backing tracks and audio examples.

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Complete Digital Book + Replay PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files, Supporting Tests and Replay (Interactive Sheet Music Player) £13.59 Add to Cart
Complete Digital Book (US) PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £11.89 Add to Cart
Bohemian Rhapsody Track 1 of 6 £3.39 Add to Cart
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Ukulele Grade 8 features:

  • Six 'hit tune' arrangements covering a range of contemporary styles
  • Professional backing tracks for pieces and supporting tests
  • Downloadable audio
  • Fact Files and Walkthroughs


  • Technical Exercises
  • Quick Study Pieces
  • Ear Tests
  • General Musicianship Questions
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Taimane Gardner - Fire
  • Pat Metheny - Cinema Paradiso
  • Metallica - Holier Than Thou
  • Clean Bandit - Rather Be
  • Chick Corea - Spain
Page 31-37
Holier Than Thou -The tablature in bar 98 has been updated to match that in bar 46. (Updated 7 April 2020)
Page 31-37
Holier Than Thou - Tablature numbers ('10' and '7') have been removed from the first 8th-note of bar 102 – the chord is tied over from bar 101. (Updated 7 April 2020)
Page 17-24
Fire - The tempo in bar 1 (p.18) has been corrected to 120bpm. (Updated 7 April 2020)
Page 17-24
Fire - In bars 93 and 94 (p.23), the 3rd and 4th 16th-notes of beat 1 have been corrected to G# then B (i.e. they have been reversed). The tablature remains unchanged. (Updated 7 April 2020)
Page 7-16
Bohemian Rhapsody - n bar 108 (p.15) a C note (one octave above middle C) has been added to the treble clef notation of the chord in beat 1. The tablature remains unchanged. (Updated 7 April 2020)
Page 7-16
Bohemian Rhapsody - In keeping with Rockschool ukulele (and other stringed instrument) notation conventions, diamond shapes have been added around the tablature of notes played as natural harmonics in bars 17, 18, 34, 35 and 36. (Updated 7 April 2020)