Vocals Grade 8 (Female)

5.00 out of 5

The Vocals Grade 8 book will be indispensable as you tackle the complex challenges of your final grade exam, once again earning you UCAS points – once you've passed this, you'll be ready for any stage or session the music world has in store for you

What you'll learn at Grade 8

  • Three­part backing vocals, stylistic use of techniques and improvisation/development, register flips, long melismas, sustained vibrato, slides to scream, extended range and intervals
  • The Chromatic Scale and diminished 7th arpeggio
  • Large intervals in major/minor sequences, advanced phrasing and articulation and microphone technique

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Complete Digital Book PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £13.99 Add to Cart
Etta James, 'At Last' Track 1 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Moulin Rouge!, ‘Sparkling Diamonds’ Track 2 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Alicia Keys, ‘Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down’ Track 3 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Erma Franklin, ‘(Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart’ Track 4 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Florence + The Machine, ‘You’ve Got The Love’ Track 5 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Jamelia, 'Stop' Track 6 of 6 £2.99 Add to Cart
Supporting Tests Tests and Audio Files £5.99 Add to Cart

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For the 2014–2017 Vocals Syllabus, we've combined 20 years of experience in contemporary music education with some of the world's biggest recording artists. We've listened to all your suggestions, critiques and improvements to compile the most practical, industry relevant and engaging vocals syllabus on offer.

Vocals Grade 8 features:

  • Six Performance Pieces, six styles of rock and pop
  • Fact Files: background information on each style with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the Performance Pieces
  • CD with full mixes and backing tracks
  • World-class musicians, top-flight production
  • Plot your stylistic specialism up through the grades

Vocals Grade 8 (Female) repertoire:

  • Florence And The Machine - "You Got The Love"
  • Alicia Keys - "Empire State Of Mind"
  • Erma Franklin - "Piece Of My Heart"
  • Moulin Rouge - "Sparkling Diamonds"
  • Jamelia - "Stop"
  • Etta James - "At Last"

We also have a wider repertoire list containing 100+ pieces to give you more choice.

Page 48
In the section "Entering Exams, Exam Procedure & Marking Schemes" (p.48), the information on "Use Of Microphone" has been updated as follows:
At Levels 1 and 2 (Grades 1–5) microphone use is optional, although candidates may use one if they feel it will enhance their performance. At Level 3 (Grades 6–8) microphone use is obligatory for all aspects of the exam. (Updated 20 October 2017)
  • By Sheikra on 18 August 2015
    5.00 out of 5

    Fantastic selection of songs and really helpful, professional backing tracks. The vocal lead sheet is easy to follow.

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