Vocals Grade 2 (Female)

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The Female Vocals Grade 2 book is the essential companion to sit your Grade 2 exam, and covers techniques you'll be tested on such as dynamic changes, working on chest voice, and learning scales and arpeggios

What you'll learn at Grade 2

  • Dynamic changes, tone, chest voice and small intervals
  • The natural minor scale and minor arpeggio
  • Small major and minor intervals and spoken rhythms

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Complete Digital Book PDF Sheet Music, Audio Files and Supporting Tests £11.99 Add to Cart
Blondie, 'Call Me' Track 1 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Lady Gaga, 'Poker Face' Track 2 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Jessie J, 'Price Tag' Track 3 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Amy Winehouse, 'Rehab' Track 4 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Eva Cassidy, 'True Colors' Track 5 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Ellie Goulding, 'Your Song' Track 6 of 6 £2.29 Add to Cart
Supporting Tests Tests and Audio Files £4.49 Add to Cart

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For the 2014–2017 Vocals Syllabus, we've combined 20 years of experience in contemporary music education with some of the world's biggest recording artists. We've listened to all your suggestions, critiques and improvements to compile the most practical, industry relevant and engaging vocals syllabus on offer.

Vocals Grade 2 features:

  • Six Performance Pieces, six styles of rock and pop
  • Fact Files: background information on each style with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the Performance Pieces
  • CD with full mixes and backing tracks
  • World-class musicians, top-flight production
  • Plot your stylistic specialism up through the grades

Vocals Grade 2 (Female) repertoire:

  • Lady GaGa - "Poker Face"
  • Ellie Goulding - "Your Song"
  • Jessie J - "Price Tag"
  • Cyndi Lauper - "True Colors"
  • Amy Winehouse - "Rehab"
  • Blondie - "Call Me"

We also have a wider repertoire list containing 100+ pieces to give you more choice.

Pages 37-42
True Colors - Please note that this song is based on the version by Eva Cassidy, not Cyndi Lauper. (Updated 26 June 2015)
Pages 21-28
Price Tag - The audio for "Price Tag" has been updated and is available in the audio download. For identification purposes the older audio is 3m05s long, whereas the new audio is 3m50s long. (Updated 26 June 2015)
How do I download the updated audio?
Page 54
In the section "Entering Exams, Exam Procedure & Marking Schemes" (p.54), the information on "Use Of Microphone" has been updated as follows:
At Levels 1 and 2 (Grades 1–5) microphone use is optional, although candidates may use one if they feel it will enhance their performance. At Level 3 (Grades 6–8) microphone use is obligatory for all aspects of the exam. (Updated 20 October 2017)
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    Bought it for my 12 year old daughter's singing lessons and recommended by her teacher. So all good.

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    arrived on time no problems

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