Let's Rock Bass

5.00 out of 5

Let's Rock Bass has everything you need to know to master the key skills every bassist needs. Start learning basslines, licks and riffs straight away, with over 100 audio tracks, quick-start videos and 12 lessons in six different musical styles.

What you'll learn with Let's Rock

  • The basics of music notation and your instrument
  • Rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop
  • Simple basslines, riffs and arpeggios

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Let's Rock Bass features:

  • Over one hour of downloadable video and audio content
  • Instrument quick guide - how it works and everything inbetween
  • How to read music - learn how to read music, quickly and simply
  • 12 lessons in six different styles - each lesson includes audio and video tuition
  • Six pieces, six varied styles - put your skills to the test with six kick-ass pieces
  • Play rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop
  • 120 audio tracks - supporting audio for every musical example and piece
  • Video lessons - on getting started and key exercises
  • Quiz - put your skills to the test with the Rockschool quiz
  • Dropcard - instantly download the accompanying audio and video, hassle-free

Let's Rock Bass has an additional, free download:

Let's Rock Bass Sample (34MB. .zip)

The sample includes:

  • Lesson (Audio, Video + Sheet Music)
  • Performance Piece (Audio + Sheet Music)
  • Quick Guide (Video)
Media Sheet Music
Arrangement Bass (Bass)
Catalogue # RSK121303
ISBN 9781908920386
Page 44
Honey Boo' (Country) - The tab in bar 11 has been corrected. See file: RSK121302_Lets_Rock_Bass-p44_07March2014.pdf in the _errata folder of the downloadable content. (Updated 7 March 2014)
How do I download the updated audio?
  • By Niki Adkins on 17 January 2016
    5.00 out of 5

    This is a really well designed and presented book from Rockschool which is perfect for total beginner bass players. As a music teacher I'm always checking out tutor books but this stands out because it's attractively presented, contemporary and most importantly contains top quality material for a new bass player to build a solid foundation to their playing. It tells you the stuff you really NEED to know. Here's what you get: Clear colour pictures and thoughtful diagrams to introduce you to your gear, to reading tab and musical notation. There's examples with backing tracks taking you from first notes to your first piece. What I really like is that you get to play different music styles, indie, rock, metal, pop... No 'Buffalo Gals' here.....It's especially important for a bass player to connect with and be 'part of the sound of a band' and the cool song examples included with this book help you experience that. You also get a download code which gives you access to extra pieces to play including the music to print out, quizzes and short videos that explain really key stuff like how to hold your bass, what to do with your hands, using a plectrum and setting up your kit. Yes, you need to bother with this bit or you're not going to get the most out of the book. If you know about Rockschool exams, this book totally fills the space between getting your first bass and being ready to tackle your Debut Grade material. Enjoy!

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  • By Tracey Leonard on 10 February 2015
    5.00 out of 5

    arrived on time no problems

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