Music Production Grade 2

The Rockschool Music Production Grade 2 book contains everything you need to pass your Grade 2 exam in one essential book, featuring a diverse range of production techniques, highly relevant technical DAW skills, and the fundamental music theory needed to succeed in today's industry.

From 2018 the coursework assessment tasks allow you to prepare 60% of exam in your own Music Production Software. During the exam you’ll bring your mixed project and screen shots to the examination and upload after completing the listening and theory questions.

What you'll learn at Grade 2

  • Music Production Theory
  • Listening Skills
  • Practical Skills

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Music Production Grade 2 features:

  • Coursework task
  • Theory examination covering music production terminology and sound & audio fundamentals
  • Listening tests in sonic fidelity, music theory & harmony and stylistic awareness
  • Sample exam paper
  • Professionally produced audio
  • Glossary

Candidates can take their Rockschool Music Production Grade 2 exam using their preferred software application.

Like all RSL qualifications, Rockschool Music Production is accredited in the UK by the qualifications regulators of England (Ofqual) Wales (Qualification Wales), Northern Ireland (CCEA) and Scotland (SQA). When you take a Rockschool Music Production exam you will have a qualification and measure of your achievement that is recognised around the world.

Media Sheet Music, CD
Arrangement Music Production
Series Rockschool Music Production 2018
Catalogue # RSK200082
ISBN 978-1-78936-030-1

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Rockschool Music Production is the world's first graded system for aspiring music producers, recording & mix engineers and recording artists. Continuing our 25 year history of innovation in music education, the 2016 syllabus offers a unique opportunity for the next generation of music production students to gain a comprehensive understanding of classic and contemporary production techniques, across a range of genres, whilst earning a globally recognised qualification.