RSL are proud to be working with award-winning 'The School Musicals Company', to offer appropriate repertoire for the Group Performance element of a PAA Musical Theatre examination, grades Premiere to 5.

“Pantastic” introduces us to Peter, Tink and the Darling children in their London home, then whisks us away to Neverland and the competing forces of the Lost Boys, the Pirates and the Natives. There are 23 roles in this half-hour (approximate), three-scene, three-song, excerpt, and every performer has the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful role as well as being part of the ensemble.

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  • Lyrics Sheets
  • Full musical scores
  • Vocal scores
  • Full script
  • Editable script
  • Songs and backing tracks
  • Character descriptions
  • Suggested PAA grades for each character
  • Full performance rights included when purchasing a Student Pack for each performer
  • Lyrics Sheets
  • Vocal scores
  • Full script
  • Songs and backing tracks
  • Character descriptions

Note that grade suggestions are a guide only – teachers are advised to ensure that candidates enter for a suitable and attainable level for their individual age, overall maturity and ability to meet the Assessment Criteria published in syllabus specification.

Role Number of lines Suggested Musical Theatre Grade(s)
Captain Hook 28 2-5
Peter 13 1-5
Tootles 13 1-5
Starkey 14 1-5
Jukes 13 1-5
Smee 13 1-5
Slightly 12 1-5
Wendy 11 1-5
Cecco 11 1-5
Tiger Lily 10 1-5
Nibs 10 1-5
Tink 2 + 1 paragraph Premiere-3
Twin One 6 Premiere-3
Twin Two 5 Premiere-3
Curly 2 Premiere-1
John 1 Premiere-Debut
Michael 1 Premiere-Debut
Noodler 1 Premiere-Debut
Cookson 1 Premiere-Debut
Mullins 2 Premiere-1
Chalky Bill 1 Premiere-Debut
Hidden Dragon 1 Premiere-Debut
Skylights 1 death Premiere-Debut