Play in a Rock Band

Learn as a band! Play In A Rock Band contains 10 bespoke pieces specially written for beginner musicians (Entry Level-Grade 3). Each track is arranged for guitar, bass and drums so musicians can get their first taste of playing in a rock band.

What you'll learn with Let's Rock

  • General band musicianship
  • Rock, reggae, indie, metal and pop-punk
  • Fundamental chord, riffs, arpeggios, melodies, phrases, beats and fills

Let's Rock Guitar features:

  • Full band scores: full band scores make teaching groups easy
  • Two tracks across five grades: progress from Entry Level 2 to Grade 3
  • Graded parts: every part in the track is the same grade
  • Band part booklets: individual parts for all band members
  • Downloadable audio: use your download card for easy access to your audio
  • Individual mixes: instrument-specific audio for individual practice
  • Extra parts: additional keyboard and second guitar parts for six tracks
  • Free choice pieces: perfect for use in Rockschool exams
  • Range of styles: play rock, reggae, indie, metal and pop-punk
Media Sheet Music, Downloads
Arrangement Guitar/Bass Guitar/Drums (GTR/BGTR/DRUMS)
Catalogue # RSK071402
ISBN 9781908920508

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