Popular Music Theory Guidebook Debut - Grade 5

Rockschool's Theory Guidebooks are the ideal introduction to music theory for musicians, composers, students and teachers, designed for use with Rockschool's theory exams, as study and teaching aids, or as standalone guides.

Rockschool's Popular Music Theory Syllabus is regulated by Ofqual and offers UCAS points at Grades 6, 7 and 8.

The Rockschool Popular Music Theory Guidebook (Grades Debut–5) is a stylish and comprehensive introduction to music theory for students of Rockschool's theory exams. Rock and pop music is analysed in depth, making this essential reading for students of all popular styles. Use it with the accompanying Popular Music Theory Workbooks (Grades Debut–5) to ensure success in your exams.

Rockschool's Popular Music Theory series is also ideal for Music Technology, GCSE and Further Education students.

Your Debut - Grade Guidebook includes sample questions from each of the following sections of your theory exam:

  • How music is constructed and written on the stave
  • The most common scales in rock and pop
  • Rhythm notation and time signatures
  • Directions, dynamics and articulations
  • Harmony theory and common chord progressions
  • Specialist notation and techniques for all rock band instruments
  • The role of the instruments in different styles of music
  • How to read and analyse a musical score
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Catalogue # RSK011501
ISBN 9781908920676

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