Popular Music Theory Workbook Grade 4

The Rockschool Grade 4 Theory Workbook is the ideal preparation for your Grade 4 exam, containing example questions and a full specimen paper. At Grade 4, your exam will include understanding rhythm, applying scale knowledge, techniques across different instruments and scores with four instruments, among other topics.

Rockschool's Popular Music Theory Syllabus is regulated by Ofqual and offers UCAS points at Grades 6, 7 and 8.

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The Rockschool Popular Music Theory Workbook Grade 4 is the ideal preparation for students taking Rockschool's new Grade 4 theory exam. Practise each section of your Rockschool Popular Music Theory exam in isolation, and then study a specimen paper from the Grade 4 exam. Use your Grade 4 Workbook alongside the accompanying Popular Music Theory Guidebook (Grades Debut–5).

Your Grade 4 Workbook includes sample questions from each of the following sections of your theory exam:

  • Music notation
  • Popular music harmony
  • Band knowledge
  • Band analysis
  • Grade 4 specimen paper included
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