Rockschool Classics Drums Grades 6-8

The Rockschool Classics Drums Grades 6-8 Compendium book presents six of the world's iconic rock tracks. From Iron Maiden to Linkin Park, learn all the technique you'll need to play them in your exam, using the supplied audio, backing tracks and Fact Files.

Key Features at Grades 6-8

  • Time signature changes and syncopation
  • Single and double strokes, paradiddles, paradiddle-diddles, pataflafla, ratamacues
  • Stylistic studies
  • Playback and performance skills

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Drums Grades 6-8 Compendium features:

  • Six iconic rock tracks
  • Standard Drum Notation
  • Choose two pieces from Rockschool Classics to play in your Grade Exam or three to play in you Performance Certificate
  • Fact Files: band and artist background info, with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online

Rockschool Classics Drums Grades 6-8 Compendium repertoire:

  • Metallica - "Master of Puppets"
  • Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town"
  • Yes - "Roundabout"
  • Pearl Jam - "Even Flow"
  • Linkin Park - "In The End"
  • Iron Maiden - "Run To The Hills"
Media Sheet Music, Downloads
Arrangement Drums (DRUMS)
Catalogue # RSK200080
ISBN 978-1-78936-016-5
Pages 34-37
Run To The Hills - The backing track audio (with click) has been amended so that the drums are removed. (Updated 15 July 2019)