Rockschool Classics Guitar Grade 3

The Rockschool Classics Guitar Grade 3 book features eight top-class rock tracks for you to choose from for your Guitar Grade 3 exam. Master challenging tunes from the likes of Oasis, Van Halen and Metallica using the accompanying Fact Files, walkthroughs and backing tracks.

Key Features at Grade 3

  • Open-string pedal tones, bends, pre-bends, cross picking
  • Major and natural minor scales, major and minor pentatonic scales, Blues scales
  • Major and minor arpeggios, barre chords
  • Playback and performance skills

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Guitar Grade 3 features:

  • Eight iconic rock tracks
  • Standard Guitar Notation
  • Choose two pieces from Rockschool Classics to play in your Grade Exam or three to play in you Performance Certificate
  • Fact Files: band and artist background info, with recommended listening
  • Walkthroughs: in-depth guidance on every track
  • Downloadable audio: easily access audio content online

Rockschool Classics Guitar Grade 3 repertoire:

  • Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Hey Joe"
  • Oasis - "Cigarettes And Alcohol"
  • Van Halen - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"
  • The Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes"
  • Razorlight - "Golden Touch"
  • Kings Of Leon - "Sex On Fire"
  • Metallica - "Wherever I May Roam"
Media Sheet Music, Downloads
Arrangement Guitar (GTR)
Catalogue # RSK200071
ISBN 978-1-78936-007-3
Pages 29-32
Steady, As She Goes - In bars 32 and 36 the rhythm of beats 1 & 2 has been changed from four eighth-note chords, to two quarter-note chords (i.e. maintaining the rhythm set in the bars that immediately precede them). (Updated 4 Feb 2021)

Pages 13-16
Golden Touch - The repeat signs around bars 29–32 (p.15) have been removed to match the audio. (Updated 30 July 2015)