Bass Technical Handbook

Brush up on every riff, scale and arpeggio you'll need to know to pass all of your Grade Exams (Grades Debut–8) with the 2012–2018 Bass Technical Handbook. An audio CD of examples is included with the book.

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The Bass Technical Handbook features examples from the following tests:

  • Grade-by-grade overview: what's new at each grade and the technical work required
  • Grade-by-grade ordering: every key, starting note and fingering pattern
  • Three Stylistic Study examples (Grades 6–8): comprehensive examples from metal to Latin
  • Frequently Asked Questions section: FAQs that you might find useful before your exam
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For the 2012-2018 Syllabus, we've combined 20 years of experience in rock and pop music education with some of the most sought-after session musicians to ensure our tunes are the most authentic on offer. We've listened to all your suggestions, critiques and improvements to compile our best syllabus yet.