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RSL’s Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Music and Performing Arts Learning is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to gain a globally-recognised qualification for the work they are doing in supporting less experienced or younger learners in the Music and Performing Arts classroom.

Certificate Level 3

This qualification has been designed to provide formal recognition of achievement for learners already working as, or hoping to work as, a teaching assistant in a Music or Performing Arts environment. It is also suitable for those considering a career in teaching who wish to gain more experience before pursuing further study such as the Level 4 Professional Diploma Teaching Pathway. A more experienced teacher will carry out a role of observing, supporting and mentoring the candidate as part of the process.

Key Features at Level 3

  • Develop teaching and coaching skills within Music and The Arts
  • Learners and centres can take a structured approach to their Teaching Assistant, Volunteering, Youth Work and Student Leadership programmes
  • Provides learners with formal recognition of achievement
  • A regulated qualification that carries UCAS points (number of points TBC)
  • 100% external assessment. No internal moderation.

How is the Qualification Structured?

This qualification is designed to be undertaken independently. Learners will need to ensure that they have adequate opportunities planned for developing and demonstrating their classroom practice under the supervision of an experienced teacher before undertaking this course. However, this is not designed to be explicitly taught by centres.

This qualification contains three mandatory units. Learners must pass all units in order to achieve the qualification.

1. Safe Teaching

To help you prepare for working in a classroom environment, it is vital that you develop an understanding of relevant legislation, policies and good practice to ensure that you keep your students, and yourself, safe. You must have an awareness of, and comply with, all applicable rules and regulations as this is part of your duty of care for the well-being and safety of your students.

2. Planning Learning

The ability to plan learning is at the core of good teaching practice. Even if you are not asked to undertake planning yourself, you will be expected to follow the lead teacher’s plan. It is therefore extremely useful to understand the process of lesson planning. This is also a vital skill to develop if you hope to train to be a teacher in the future. In the creative arts, teachers need to consider how to create inspiring and motivating lessons which will engage and encourage students.

3. Facilitating Learning

Facilitating learning requires the application of teaching methods and techniques to engage, motivate and inspire learners. While effective planning plays a fundamental role in a successful lesson, the ability to think on your feet and respond to the unexpected within a lesson is of equal importance for a teacher. This unit will give you the opportunity to apply the techniques explored in Unit 2, to a short, planned, supervised activity.

Assessment Methodology

These qualifications are externally assessed by RSL examiners. Assessment evidence must be submitted digitally to RSL. Learners can submit assessment evidence for single units or for the entire Certificate. Candidates can begin the learning for the qualification at any time and can enter each completed module for submission at any time. The learner will have 1 year to complete the Certificate from point of registration.


This Level 3 Certificate provides opportunities for looking to gain a certificate that shows they have the understanding required to teach others and is therefore relevant for anyone developing their portfolio of skills and qualifications to support progression to Higher Education or the Industry.

It is an excellent complementary qualification for those involved in volunteering, student leadership and youth work activities and a great starting point for anyone looking to pursue a career in Music and Performing Arts Teaching. The Certificate provides great progression onto RSL’s Level 4 and 6 Professional Diplomas in Teaching.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. However, relevant experience in the subject area to be delivered in the classroom is required. We recommend that learners are at least 16 years of age at the time of certification

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